Thoughts are like water: calm or chaotic, superfluous or deep, disturbing or serene, positive or depressing. Whatever their nature, they are unceasing, ever flowing.

It is said that you become what you think and so you should think positive, cut out depressing thoughts, suggest to your mind to always be on a high, think of success and achievement, think with integrity and responsibility, sensitivity and love.

It doesn’t work that way for me. Tried it. It sounds unnatural to me. I cannot be consistently positive, good, kind, understanding, giving, disciplined, politically correct, or caring in thoughts. I am more often so in deed. In thought, I can be quite another person with a dark side. It balances the scales.

If people could hear what you are actually thinking, they’d probably avoid you like the plague. You’d be the crazy person in the crowd; the weird one.

I will take being the crazy person as a compliment. I think all kinds of thoughts. Good, bad, ugly. Expanding the mind comes with thinking; doesn’t necessarily have to be a specific kind of thinking. You could direct it in pursuance of a line of thought, but the line does not always need to be ‘positive’, or ‘right’, ‘correct’, ‘acceptable’ or ‘good’.

It is my right to be ‘wrong’ then. Exercising that right here. Join me. Post your thoughts or send me an email.