On ‘Being Crazy and Unapologetic About It!’

For years, I have been designing ways to develop in school children the ability to see a situation or issue from different perspectives. Over time, I have found this helps in making them less judgmental and critical, and more amenable towards accepting of differences. They hold opinions, of course, often defending them vociferously, arguing and… Continue reading On ‘Being Crazy and Unapologetic About It!’

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On ‘Making Criticism Work’

Criticism comes irrespective of whether you think it is due, deserved or unwarranted. Just by the mere act of being, we invite criticism into our professional and personal spaces. The immediate reaction to it depends a lot on how it is delivered. The accusatory brand derogates, harms, undermines and works to destroy our sense of… Continue reading On ‘Making Criticism Work’

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On ‘A Romantic’s Perspective on Love’

I was recently in a discussion on loving with two distinct sides where one – the romantics – were laughed at and the other – the rationalists – were convinced that they are superior with their arguments based on reason and logic. I backed off after a few minutes as it was entertaining to simply… Continue reading On ‘A Romantic’s Perspective on Love’